The Best Free NFL Live Streaming Websites

Want to know the best live streaming sites for watching free NFL games online?

Whether you’re a DFS player or regular NFL fan, you are probably wondering how to watch games for free without paying for a NFL Game Pass membership.

Test Your Internet Connection

There are two main types of internet feeds: Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD).  SD streams are made for people with slower connections (less than 1MB per second) while HD streams cater to faster connections (greater than 1 MB per second).

First, go to SpeedTest and see how fast your connection is. If you’re under 5 MB, then I suggest watching SD streams because HD streams will be choppy due to your slow connection.

If your connection is over 5MB per second, then pick a HD connection!

Best Free NFL Football Streaming Websites

Here’s a list of some free NFL streaming sites online for fast and slow connections.

1. is the #1 free NFL live streaming websites online with multiple HD & SD live streams. The site also features a chatroom so you can talk to other fans. They cover all weekly NFL games.

2. BuffStreamz

BuffStreamz is a good alternative without all the bells & whistles of There is no chatroom or extra popup ads. This is a good stream for slower connections.

How to Reduce Buffering and Load Times on Streaming Websites

If you have a super fast WIFI/DSL/Fiber connection, then simply step this part. However, if you travel often, you may find yourself leaving in a city or country with slower than normal WIFI connections.

Here are several tips to reduce the annoying buffering and keep your live streams fast and non-choppy:

  • Use Brave Browser – The Brave browser is a fast loading browsing alternative to Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I use Brave to watch all my NFL streams online. It’s a lightweight and fast browser that protects your internet privacy.
  • Clean Up Your Computer – Download CCleaner and regularly clean up your cache files to keep your browser running fast
  • Close All Other Windows – Every open window requires your browser to work harder. Close all other windows to optimize streaming speeds.
  • Disconnect All Other WIFI Devices – Every device that’s connected to your WIFI connection slows down your stream. If you’re watching on your desktop/laptop, disconnect your WIFI connection from your cell phone. If you’re watching on your smartphone, then disconnect your computers from the WIFI conneciton. This will improve streaming speed 100%.
  • Refresh Often – If your stream stops, it doesn’t mean the live stream went offline. Sometimes you must refresh the connection to continue watching the games. Click the “Refresh” icon or hit F5 to quickly refresh your window.

What’s Your Favorite NFL Live Streaming Website?

Now it’s your turn to help improve the content of this article. Post your favorite NFL streaming sites in the comments section below.

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