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Obviously, the more drugs you need, the fewer chances you have to buy them in one pharmacy. Online ordering saves your time – no need to go to different pharmacies and spend money on the gas. In addition, unlike traditional pharmacies, the range of medicines in online pharmacies is not limited by the size of the shelf.

Allina Health Heart Hospital Pharmacy (Rating: 4.3) [920 E 28th St, Abbott Northwestern Heart Hospital, Minneapolis, MN 55407 | (612) 775-3100 |]

Disorganized staff. I have had several issues with prescriptions being sent to them, and they somehow did not get it. I had to call my doctor and resend, and suddenly they find the original prescription, which is now invalid.. blah blah blah… In short, they do not have their act together.

Allina Health Heart Hospital Pharmacy has such extraordinary customer service. This company truly prides themselves on going above and beyond for their customers. I love supporting a family-owned company, and this hometown pharmacy is truly the best. They accepted our refill transfer with no issues and provided FREE DELIVERY.

Fairview Pharmacy (Rating: 4.7) [2545 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 | (612) 672-1430 |]

Got my first covid vaccine here last week. Huge thanks to the owner for posting availability and answering questions on Fairview Pharmacy. The staff was very professional. The process went very smoothly. It sounds like scheduling the second shot will be just as easy. Really impressed with the customer service at this pharmacy!

I have only praise for the pharmacy staff. They help and are very friendly while also offering discount codes whenever needed and possible. They have noticed contraindications when my doctor has not, which is very caring as well about their clients when they could have let it slide. I rate them 100 out of 100.   

Banadir Pharmacy (Rating: 3.2) [1 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408 | (612) 825-1669 |]

Whatever you need at the drugstore, you can be sure to find it at Banadir Pharmacy. I’ve been a customer for well over 65 years… a wonderful neighborhood pharmacy with an extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. I highly recommend this pharmacy.

For the needle stabber, please learn to pinch the delta muscle before stabbing. It will feel less like a five-pushing game, more like a painless shot. Perhaps the round band-aid see-through seal for bleeding control stays on better without the muscle gathering, but the technician needs to do something to improve the technique.

Seward Pharmacy (Rating: 4.9) [2209 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407 | (612) 444-3530 |]

As an employee of Seward Pharmacy, it has been a pleasure working here for the last 5 years. I have learned so much from our customers and employees that have helped me become the best pharmacist I can be. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful family team. God bless you all!

I showed up a few minutes early for my COVID test, and I was told to come back because there were other appointments ahead of me. No one was there, and they were clearly late for theirs. When I came back around, there was a line of cars, and I waited an additional 40 mins. It would have been more efficient to just give me the test as it takes all of 5 mins. Instead, late strivers were rewarded, and I was punished for being on time.

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