The Best DFS Bankroll Trackers

If you’re new to DFS or a seasoned veteran, then you probably notice some trends in your gameplay and ROI. Certain games are easier for you than others. Do you know exactly what your ROI is on cash games vs GPPs? Do you play better on Monday or Wednesday? Which sport do you perform the best in?

Compare The Best DFS Bankroll Trackers

Name Price
RotoTracker $6/month
RotoGrinders Free
DailyFantasyNerd $14.99/month

Best DFS Bankroll Trackers: Details

Here are the top 3 daily fantasy sports bankroll trackers for dfs players.


My preferred DFS bankroll tracker tool is Rototracker. It’s 100% free and easy to use. All you do is download your Fanduel & DraftKings history from your dashboard then drag and drop the files into the Upload section. You can view your ROI and performance based on date, day, sport, contest type, etc.

2. Rotogrinders Tool

The new and improved RG bankroll tracker is 100% web based like Rototracker. It’s 100% free and super easy to upload your contest history to see how you are performing overall.

3. DailyFantasyNerd

DailyFantasyNerd was the very first DFS bankroll tracker I used until they began charging a monthly fee for its use. You need a premium account to use the bankroll tracker. Premium accounts start at $14.99 per month. If you make lots of different lineup variations, then a DFN premium account may be worth the cost to you.

Why Track Your Bankroll and Gameplay?

Up until recently, I have been treating DFS as more of a hobby than a way to earn full time income. An interview with CheeseIsGood, a two time millionaire maker on DraftKings, changed my entire perspective on daily fantasy sports.

You can read the entire CheeseisGood interview over at Rotogrinders, but I want to focus on a specific part of the interview that changed my playing style.

2. What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given regarding DFS, and what’s something you tend to give players?

The best advice I’ve gotten over the years is to keep great records to analyze results. The RG bankroll tracker or something similar is crucial. It is not enough to know how much you’ve made or lost at different sites, but to track every type of contest at different entry levels across all sites and sports. I had played for years before I did an in depth analysis of my play, and it was eye opening, and really helped me narrow down what contests to enter. I try to pass on to new players that this game is very psychological. It’s one thing to know the game or know the numbers, but dealing with the ups and downs can be very difficult.

Bingo! Tracking your performance using a DFS bankroll tracker is a great way to improve your ROI and figure out which contests to enter.

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Juke is an avid daily fantasy sports player who competes in NFL, NBA, EPL & UCL. He's been playing DFS for 5 years and shares his successes & failures on RotoJuke. You can track his DFS gameplay by checking out his profile: jukebox9988. Follow Juke on Twitter.

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