Fanduel Announces New Changes to 2018 NBA Season: Will Drop Your Lowest Score

Fanduel just made a huge change to their daily NBA fantasy product: they will drop your lowest score on your 9 man roster.


In the past, players were complaining about late scratches and receiving zeros on their lineups. As you know, getting a zero on Fanduel means your lineup is OUT OF THE MONEY for sure. Now, Fanduel gives you the option of dropping your lowest score to help players who don’t have time to follow injury news throughout the day.

While this change seems like a good idea, I’m against it because Late swap makes it easy to change your lineup once you read about injury news. This also drastically changes the way people build lineups since you can plugin a minimum salary player ($3500) and stack the rest of your lineup with high scoring studs.

We’ll see how this plays out but it seems like Fanduel is making a lot of changes to their games in 2018. The NBA regular season starts on October 16th, 2018.

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Juke is an avid daily fantasy sports player who competes in NFL, NBA, EPL & UCL. He's been playing DFS for 5 years and shares his successes & failures on RotoJuke. You can track his DFS gameplay by checking out his profile: jukebox9988. Follow Juke on Twitter.

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