Fanduel MLB Recap for September 18th

Last night was a bit disappointing for my lineups because I nailed the Pirates and Rockies stack but chose the wrong hitters!

Starling Marte and Michael Cuddyer both donged but I played Josh Harrison and Drew Stubbs before. It goes to show that making an alternate lineup around your core players then switching a player or two can pay off if you pick the right teams to target.

The Winning MLB Squeeze Lineup for September 18th, 2014

2014-09-19_1030Felix Hernandez pitched against a mostly Triple A lineup because the Angels benched their regular starters after clinching the division title. The Rockies also provided two huge games from Rosario and Cuddyer who would have fit nicely into a Rockies stack.

I completely forgot about the Nationals who were coming off a day of rest and had a nice matchup against a bad lefty Brad Hand.

The sleeper pick of the night was Deter Jeter. Jeter finally got out of his long term slump and hit a HR last night. At mid-salary and underowned, he really helped ChainSaul take down the MLB Squeeze.

Again, we see a fairly balanced lineup with no hitter over 4k paired with a dominant elite pitcher going up against a AAA Angels lineup. Balance seems to be the key for the 2nd night in a row, and let’s see if the trend continues in tonight’s Friday Night 25k MLB Squeeze.

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