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Fanduel is the world’s largest daily fantasy football provider with over $2 billion in cash payouts in 2015 alone. You have probably seen the commercials all over TV, billboards, and the internet, but aren’t sure if Fanduel is right for you?

I have played DFS on Fanduel for over 2 years with winning over $4,000.


Anybody can win money on Fanduel if you have the right attitude, a solid strategy, and the ability to make crucial decisions at a moment’s notice.

Why Play on Fanduel?

I like Fanduel for a couple reasons:

Play Whenever You Want – No Season Long Commitment

Back when I was a kid, I played with my schoolmates in a $20 season long Head to Head league. This was back in the ’90s before smartphones and high speed internet. It was a lot of fun because I would talk trash to my opponent all week until the Sunday games started. It was a different time back then.

Nowadays, I am too busy to bother with the commitment of season long leagues. Plus, you can only win a couple hundred dollars after investing month after month managing your roster.

Fanduel is the perfect alternative for me and my family because I can play whenever I have the free time.

Draft Your Team in Minutes with Fanduel’s Salary Cap

DId you miss your season long Fantasy draft? Don’t have lots of free time?

Fanduel is great because you can literally build a million dollar team in minutes. No more sitting at the computer for hours in a season long draft. You click your players and you’re done.

Over 20,000+ Leagues Every Day to Choose From

If you are a high volume fantasy sports player, then Fanduel providers over 20k leagues you can join easily. You are restricted to a specific format or gametype. You can choose from Head to Head, 50/50, Tournaments, and 100-man leagues to win cash prizes.

Fast Payout Withdrawals

With season long leagues, I have to wait until the season is over to win any money. Plus, if you lose your Championship game, you come home with little to nothing for all your hard work.

Fanduel pays your winning directly to your account on the same day. Withdrawals take as little as 24 hours to complete.

Withdraw your winnings via Paypal or Check instead of waiting until Week 17 to get paid.

Sports Available on Fanduel

Fanduel offers daily fantasy games for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA basketball and football.





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