NBA Fanduel & Draftkings Lineup Picks for 3/7/16

Key Inactives Tonight

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Fanduel Cash Lineup (50/50 & Double Ups)

PG: Stephen Curry, Jrue Holiday

SG: Nicolas Batum, Lance Stephenson

SF: Giannis Freak, Kawhi Leonard

PF: Jabari Parker, David Lee

C: Omer Asik

Fanduel GPP Lineup (Tournaments)

PG: Stephen Curry, Mario Chalmers

SG: Nicolas Batum, JR Smith

SF: Giannis Freak, Chandler Parsons

PF: David Lee, JayMycheal Green

C: Paul Gasol

Draftkings Lineup

PG: Mario Chalmers

SG: Nicolas Batum

SF: Giannis Freak

PF: David Lee

C: Omer Asik

G: Stephen Curry

F: Jamycheal Green

Util: Jrue Holiday

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