Rototracker Review: Track Your DFS Bankroll

Whether you’re a beginner in DFS or longtime player, I think one of the most important things to do is perform a daily/weekly review of your gameplay.

If you only spend a few bucks per night, then it’s really easy to check your recent scores and look for improvements in your game. However, it becomes tedious over time and harder to see exactly which games to target, which nights to play, and which contests you should enter.

It wasn’t until I discovered Rototracker that my entire DFS career changed and I began focusing more on cash games and spending less time on GPP tournaments.

In this Rototracker review, you will learn why Rototracker is a must have tool for all DFS players and how it can take your game to the next level.

What is Rototracker?

Rototracker is a bankroll management tool for daily fantasy sports players. It comes with many features including:

  • Manage all your DFS data in one central location
  • Sync your data within seconds using their free Google Chrome extension
  • Visualize where your strengths lie – see which contests you dominate and the ones you should avoid
  • Check Profit/Loss graphs to figure out your most profitable days and slates
  • Track your Head to Head Opponent record to see which opponents provide the best ROI
  • And a lot more

How to Use Rototracker

First, Sign up for a Free Rototracker account to track your latest 250 contests. If you are a higher volume player, then I recommend upgrading to the Bronze/Silver/Gold package because you can track a lot more contests in one sitting.

At least once per week, I simply log into Rototracker and sync my Fanduel/DraftKings account to update my stats then check out the reports.

First, I look at my performance for the week then see which games provide the highest ROI. In my case, I perform best in 50/50 contests. That’s when I decided to focus most of my attentions on these games and reduce my exposure to GPPs, H2h and league play.

So far, I can say my bankroll is getting stronger and not suffering from wild swings like in the past. Rototracker will not only make you a lot of money, but help you eliminate wasting money on entries that have a small chance of finishing in the money.

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Juke is an avid daily fantasy sports player who competes in NFL, NBA, EPL & UCL. He's been playing DFS for 5 years and shares his successes & failures on RotoJuke. You can track his DFS gameplay by checking out his profile: jukebox9988. Follow Juke on Twitter.

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