What does FPPG mean on Fanduel and DraftKings?

When you log into your DraftKings/Fanduel account, you have probably seen a statistic called FPPG.

What is FPPG?

FPPG stands for fantasy points per game.

It is simply the average amount of fantasy points (on that particular site) that a given player scores in one game.¬†You will see it listed right next to each player’s name. If you click the FPPG header, then you can sort all the players by increasing and/or decreasing fantasy points per game.

How to Use FPPG

FPPG is a good way to quickly get a feel for a player, but it should be nothing more than a starting point for your research.

There are several problems with FPPG that you should be aware of:

  • Lack of Games: FPPG is volatile, especially in football and baseball, where certain players don’t play a lot of games.
  • Injuries: Also, be careful to avoid players who are injured. They may have a high FPPG but will be missing an extended amount of games.
  • Last Season: Sometimes, FPPG will carry back to last season instead of the current one. This will give the player a skewed FPPG even though they haven’t played a game in the current season. Fanduel is guilty of this by showing game logs from the past season.

FPPG is a good starting point for research but make sure your players are active, healthy and mantain an important role on their team before adding them to your roster.

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